The power of words

12 Oct

Words have weight.  They truly have power.  As a brand, a business, a person, you never know who is listening.  Or, what kind of impact your words will have.

Eight years ago, I wrote down nine words on a tiny piece of paper.  Teeny.  And, miraculously, I’ve kept them with me all this time.  Now, I don’t need that piece of paper.  Those words are tattooed on my brain.  I know them by heart.

All I did was pluck them from a press conference.  I’m sure Randy Johnson wasn’t thinking, when he said them, “some newsroom geek might really be touched by these words I’m about to say, scribble them down on a ridiculously small piece of paper, and carry it with her for years to come.”

I’m sure he didn’t think that.  He was basking in the glow of his perfect game.  It was May of 2004.  I didn’t even particularly like Randy Johnson at the time.  But, I was tuned in on one of the biggest days of his career.

“Anybody is capable of anything on any given day.”

That’s it.  That’s what he said.  Although I wasn’t a fan of Randy Johnson’s, I was a fan of that thought.

Still am.

Randy Johnson, showing the game ball from his perfect game.


The great debate

12 Oct

Today, the big question is who won?  Who came out on top of the Vice Presidential debate?

We won’t be shy.  We are totally taking sides.  But, before we do that, we’re changing the subject.  Because we, at knoodle, are campaigning for ourselves.  That’s right.  We’ve thrown our hat in the ring.  But, we are going to need your vote.

knoodle is in the running for Arizona Foothills Magazine Best of the Valley 2013. Early research (within the margin of error) indicates the Phoenix agency is making a charge to lead local polls.

Regardless of the polls, knoodle will not be swayed from its platform.  It wholeheartedly believes in the importance of local homebuilders (Fulton Homes), the value of East Coast diversity (Davidson Hotels), and the significance of classy retail (Red Development).

“We are just happy to have been nominated, truly,” Rosaria Cain, knoodle’s owner, said. “Of course, we would never discourage votes.”

Cain is dedicated to her clients, as is her tight-knit staff.  They’re so dedicated, in fact, that knoodle staff at times conducts mock client intakes with Bleu, the willing and able office Weimaraner.

Bleu, helping us sharpen our skills. And, critiquing.

Voting began Oct. 1 and runs through the end of November, but there’s no harm in voting early.  No harm at all.

We’ll make it easy for you.  Here’s the link.




Lounging…airport style

11 Oct

Prepare yourself.  We’re about to toot our own horn…right….about….here.

If you mosey out to Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport over the next few months, you’ll see an ad like you’ve never seen before. It’s an ad you can sit in. Lounge at. Chit chat.  Sleep, even.

(although we will be blamed for someone’s narcolepsy).

Fulton Homes has installed a full-size living room at the airport.  Complete with views. Cozy couches.  Coffee tables.  And, QR-coded video testimonials.

Right?  We know.

It’ll be there for a while (until April), so you’ll be able to experience it when your aunt flies in for Thanksgiving or when grandma flies home for the summer.


Boy, we’re really filling out…

10 Oct

Doing business, with new cards.

We are.  It’s okay.  We’re actually very excited about plumping up ahead of the holidays.  By plumping up, we mean we’re adding to our already accomplished staff.

That’s right.  Fresh business cards are rolling into knoodle advertising agency.  The Phoenix-based agency has added three new staff members over the past two months, beefing up its new business and public relations departments.

“New people bring new energy, and knoodle is absolutely feeling energized,” Rosaria Cain, knoodle’s owner, said.

James Shipp, an award-winning former television producer and advertising executive, joined the knoodle staff to focus on business development.  Shipp has been in the Phoenix area for more than two decades, working in TV and print, and volunteering his time with Prevent Child Abuse Arizona.

Knoodle’s public relations department is the beneficiary of a complete makeover.  Glenn Swain, a freelance writer for publications including The New York Times, editor and public relations professional, has been in the Valley since 2000.

Swain will work alongside Lisa Nicita, the agency’s new public relations director. Nicita is a longtime media professional in the Phoenix area, with years of print experience at the Arizona Republic and other national Gannett publications.