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Fulton Owns Three Point Zone

30 Oct

The folks at Fulton Homes will be watching Jared Dudley this season each time he squares up from the arc.  They’ll have a pen ready, and their checkbook handy.

That’s because, every time a Suns player, Dudley or anybody else, drains a three-pointer this season, Fulton Homes will donate $100 to Phoenix Suns Charities.  The Tempe-based homebuilder has returned to sponsor the three-point zone, coined the Fulton Homes “Proud to Own the Three-Point Zone.”

The builder partnered with the Suns in years past for a similar sponsorship that ended up raising tens of thousands of dollars for local charities.  This time around, the sponsorship includes both home and away games broadcast on Fox Sports Net.  The Suns averaged 6.7 three-pointers per game last season.  And, there’s 80 games.


You do the math.  That’s right.  It’s a lot.


From downtown….go Suns!


Lounging…airport style

11 Oct

Prepare yourself.  We’re about to toot our own horn…right….about….here.

If you mosey out to Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport over the next few months, you’ll see an ad like you’ve never seen before. It’s an ad you can sit in. Lounge at. Chit chat.  Sleep, even.

(although we will be blamed for someone’s narcolepsy).

Fulton Homes has installed a full-size living room at the airport.  Complete with views. Cozy couches.  Coffee tables.  And, QR-coded video testimonials.

Right?  We know.

It’ll be there for a while (until April), so you’ll be able to experience it when your aunt flies in for Thanksgiving or when grandma flies home for the summer.