Hey Santa, I’ll take two

27 Nov

Remember when the “Big Book” came from Toys ‘R’ Us every year?  How you’d circle every toy.  Sometimes you’d be so excited you’d even circle the people in the ads, as if you wanted Santa to bring you an actual human for Christmas.

Ah, the whimsy of youth.

Get your Sharpie ready…and get circling!

Then, you grow up.  And, you daydream (and at times salivate) over the offerings in the Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog.  Beyond serving as a winner of a PR move each year, the pages of the catalog drip with sparkly, ridiculous and uber expensive gift ideas.  As if you’ve been searching high and low for the perfect $100,000 gift for your father-in-law.

The ridiculousness is the whole idea, of course.  Media outlets from sea to shining sea run stories about the $354,000 McLaren 12C Spider sports car and the $30,000 walk-on role in Broadway’s “Annie: The Musical.”  These are actual offerings in this year’s 86th edition of the luxurious catalog.

One of those Annie’s could be you…for $30K.

Those aren’t on your list?  How about a $99,500 water-propelled jetpack for those Mission Impossible moments, or the pimped-out $150,000 wood-paneled trailer stocked with bourbon and rye, tailgate-ready with a rockin’ sound system.

But, what you really wanted this year was a watch.  And NM has you covered.  For just over $1 Million (we had to capitalize that ‘m’ for emphasis), you and your significant other can own his and hers watches by Van Cleef & Arpels, which come with a trip to Paris and Geneva.

A million may sound like a lot of money.  But, honestly, it’s chump change if you’re Jay-Z.  Or, if you’re the latest Powerball winner.

And you could be.  You could win $425 Million.  Right before Christmas.  Talk about a nice PR move.  Well played, lottery.


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