Teachers, use your knoodle

12 Nov

How else can I show you this?? If only I had $100 from

knoodle ad agency.

Math doesn’t come easy for everyone.  Neither does science or literature.  Every student learns differently, and knoodle advertising agency wants to encourage Valley educators to teach differently.

The Phoenix-based agency is launching a campaign to provide $100 classroom grants to 10 local teachers who best use their creativity to present a concept to their students.  The grant will go towards the purchase of the materials needed to present that concept in the classroom.

“Arizona’s students are facing more stringent academic standards, and we want to help teachers in their quest to help students succeed,” Rosaria Cain, knoodle’s CEO, said. “We are excited to see how the Valley’s educators are using their knoodles. And, we’re proud to partner on this project with educators, who too often have to reach into their own wallets for classroom supplies.”

Everyone’s favorite tough-luck kid, figuring it all out.

knoodle encourages entries in video format, but written entries will also be accepted.  Entries must show and describe how a concept will be presented to students.   knoodle encourages educators to get their students involved in the process.  The “use your knoodle” campaign opens Nov. 19 and closes Dec. 3.  Grants will be awarded daily between Dec. 10 and Dec. 21.

To enter, visit youtube.com/useyourknoodle and reply to the contest video, or email submissions to teachers@useyourknoodle.com.



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