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Hey Santa, I’ll take two

27 Nov

Remember when the “Big Book” came from Toys ‘R’ Us every year?  How you’d circle every toy.  Sometimes you’d be so excited you’d even circle the people in the ads, as if you wanted Santa to bring you an actual human for Christmas.

Ah, the whimsy of youth.

Get your Sharpie ready…and get circling!

Then, you grow up.  And, you daydream (and at times salivate) over the offerings in the Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog.  Beyond serving as a winner of a PR move each year, the pages of the catalog drip with sparkly, ridiculous and uber expensive gift ideas.  As if you’ve been searching high and low for the perfect $100,000 gift for your father-in-law.

The ridiculousness is the whole idea, of course.  Media outlets from sea to shining sea run stories about the $354,000 McLaren 12C Spider sports car and the $30,000 walk-on role in Broadway’s “Annie: The Musical.”  These are actual offerings in this year’s 86th edition of the luxurious catalog.

One of those Annie’s could be you…for $30K.

Those aren’t on your list?  How about a $99,500 water-propelled jetpack for those Mission Impossible moments, or the pimped-out $150,000 wood-paneled trailer stocked with bourbon and rye, tailgate-ready with a rockin’ sound system.

But, what you really wanted this year was a watch.  And NM has you covered.  For just over $1 Million (we had to capitalize that ‘m’ for emphasis), you and your significant other can own his and hers watches by Van Cleef & Arpels, which come with a trip to Paris and Geneva.

A million may sound like a lot of money.  But, honestly, it’s chump change if you’re Jay-Z.  Or, if you’re the latest Powerball winner.

And you could be.  You could win $425 Million.  Right before Christmas.  Talk about a nice PR move.  Well played, lottery.



It’s Thanksgiving

15 Nov

It’s Thanksgiving.  So, it’s time for cheap turkeys, super-sized pumpkin pies, bottles of Beaujolais Nouveau, and an insanely horrible viral video.

What?  You don’t associate the two?

Remember Rebecca Black?  We barely do, either.  She sang that oh-s0-catchy tune “It’s Friday.”  It was very deep.  An anthem to childhood freedom.

Enter Nicole Westbrook.  She’s the saccharine voice behind “It’s Thanksgiving,” yet another ridiculously silly tween song that somehow went viral.  And, by viral we mean more than 7.7 million views in a week.

You read that right.  We’ll take “The Thanksgiving Song” by Adam Sandler any day.

Love to eat turkey….

Teachers, use your knoodle

12 Nov

How else can I show you this?? If only I had $100 from

knoodle ad agency.

Math doesn’t come easy for everyone.  Neither does science or literature.  Every student learns differently, and knoodle advertising agency wants to encourage Valley educators to teach differently.

The Phoenix-based agency is launching a campaign to provide $100 classroom grants to 10 local teachers who best use their creativity to present a concept to their students.  The grant will go towards the purchase of the materials needed to present that concept in the classroom.

“Arizona’s students are facing more stringent academic standards, and we want to help teachers in their quest to help students succeed,” Rosaria Cain, knoodle’s CEO, said. “We are excited to see how the Valley’s educators are using their knoodles. And, we’re proud to partner on this project with educators, who too often have to reach into their own wallets for classroom supplies.”

Everyone’s favorite tough-luck kid, figuring it all out.

knoodle encourages entries in video format, but written entries will also be accepted.  Entries must show and describe how a concept will be presented to students.   knoodle encourages educators to get their students involved in the process.  The “use your knoodle” campaign opens Nov. 19 and closes Dec. 3.  Grants will be awarded daily between Dec. 10 and Dec. 21.

To enter, visit and reply to the contest video, or email submissions to


Getting some face time

8 Nov

Artist Robert Shields with Sonoran Living Live host Terry O before their live shot.

Fountain Hills is about to be flooded.  With people.  The town hosts massive arts festivals twice a year, and both bring in more than 200,000 people.

One of the events is this weekend, running Friday through Sunday from 10 a.m.- 5 p.m.  There are hundreds of vendors, there’s food and music and the fountain, of course.

Oh, and it’s free.  We’re excited that Arizona artists acted as ambassadors of the event this week during live TV appearances on KPNX-12’s EVB Live, and KNXV-15’s Sonoran Living Live.  Everyone looked great.

Megan Finnerty of EVB Live chatting with Sharon Morgan of the Fountain Hills Chamber.

Yep, we voted

6 Nov

Our campaign button, encouraging those to vote for knoodle.

We voted.  You did, too.  We know it.  We’re reading it on Facebook and Twitter.  Oodles of posts a minute are being broadcast across the social media platforms related to the election.  And, that’s…. AWESEOME! Right?  We think so. To celebrate the 2012 election, absent any mudslinging political ads, we hosted our own election gala last night on the eve of this year’s presidential showdown.  It had everything.  A debate.  A voting booth.  Patriotic snacks.  Beer.  We’re so happy to have had a chance to catch up with colleagues and old friends.  And, to crack a Budweiser before 4 p.m. on a Monday.  That’s a nice perk.  Until next time, compadres.