The terrifying world of advertising

26 Oct

Advertising can be scary.  Not just this time of year, either.  Of course, it doesn’t help when the dude from client services wears a Scream mask into the office on a random Thursday.  Hands down, the most horrifying mask.

Unless you’re scared of clowns, then the Scream look is second fiddle.

When it comes to advertising, we can get spooked.  From a PR perspective for example, a client such as Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes would haunt us in our sleep.  No doubt about it.

Same with the schmucks who decide to get cute on Twitter, cast out a “joke” and bring down a company (or at least that company’s image) with a few clicks of the keyboard.  Nothing scares a digital department more.

The creative guys protect their eyes from ghastly sights, too.  Unrealistic deadlines.  Busy ads.  Crummy websites.

Of course, there is nothing scarier for an ad agency than an empty snack table.  Halloween, and leftover candy, can’t come soon enough.


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