The power of words

12 Oct

Words have weight.  They truly have power.  As a brand, a business, a person, you never know who is listening.  Or, what kind of impact your words will have.

Eight years ago, I wrote down nine words on a tiny piece of paper.  Teeny.  And, miraculously, I’ve kept them with me all this time.  Now, I don’t need that piece of paper.  Those words are tattooed on my brain.  I know them by heart.

All I did was pluck them from a press conference.  I’m sure Randy Johnson wasn’t thinking, when he said them, “some newsroom geek might really be touched by these words I’m about to say, scribble them down on a ridiculously small piece of paper, and carry it with her for years to come.”

I’m sure he didn’t think that.  He was basking in the glow of his perfect game.  It was May of 2004.  I didn’t even particularly like Randy Johnson at the time.  But, I was tuned in on one of the biggest days of his career.

“Anybody is capable of anything on any given day.”

That’s it.  That’s what he said.  Although I wasn’t a fan of Randy Johnson’s, I was a fan of that thought.

Still am.

Randy Johnson, showing the game ball from his perfect game.

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